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              DREAMING AMERICA -- ORDER NOW, $12.00, incl. shipping

Order DREAMING AMERICA: Voices of Undocumented Youth in Maximum-Security Detention prior to September 15 and pay just #12.00 including shipping within the continental United States.


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PRICING:  Bloodroot by Catherine Jagoe, $15.00; As Sunrise Becomes the World by Louie Skipper, $16.00;

The Unattended Harp by Peter Waldor, $14.00; Flowering Fires/Fuegos Florales by Alicia Partnoy, $14.00;

Who Touches Everything by Peter Waldor, $14.00; The Carnival, The Life by David Allan Evans, $14.00;

The Lunatic in the Trees by Dennis Sampson, $14.00; South Pole/Polo Sur by Maria Teresa Ogliastri,

$14.00. All other titles are $12.00

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