Settlement House Poets Reading

A Sampson-Skipper Conversation

The following conversation between poets Louie Skipper and Dennis Sampson took place in the fall of 1998 at Sweet Briar college in Amherst, Virginia, where Sampson was the Margaret Bannister writer in residence. the core of this discussion is Skipper’s sensibility as evident in his poetry and, more specifically, its expression in Skipper’s first full length collection of poems, deaths that travel with the weather. the two poets have known each other since 1974.

Both Skipper and Sampson have published two collections of poems with settlement house: the work effort of the common fly and the orange persimmon of the sun (Skipper) and within the shadow of a man and the lunatic in the trees (Sampson). to read excerpts from these titles or to order copies, please visit our catalog.